Benjamin Trinh | Managing Director
Life Ready Physiotherapy

"Global Specialist Physiotherapy has been able to make an invaluable contribution to our team. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and passion for our patients coupled with a commitment to understanding our businesses goals has made their contributions beyond simply clinical excellence. They have been able to add value in the areas of customer service as well as contributing to the increase in our business KPI’s. I can highly recommend their services.”

Andrew Slade | Managing Director

Ellenbrook Physiotherapy


"Since engaging the services of Global Specialist Physiotherapy a year ago, I cannot speak too highly of the value they have added to our group of Physiotherapists.

The mentoring program put in place has had a considerable impact upon each of our individual Physiotherapists, with these benefits flowing on to our patients. This has been topped up with the collective benefits of our highly informative weekly group Professional Development sessions. With a very personal and engaging teaching style, Kieran and his team have continued to deliver the latest research to ensure we are kept abreast of the most up-to-date trends.

This very well structured, 8 hour per week program has had a very significant impact upon all patient retention KPI's, and has been an investment within our staff that has reflected positively upon our bottom line. I would highly recommend Global Specialist Physiotherapy to any practice that wishes to improve their culture and promote significant growth from investing within."

Lennon Correia | Director

WA Health Group


"Kieran Richardson, from Global Specialist Physiotherapy has excelled in providing high quality patient focused training to our allied health team. Kieran was able to provide engaging 1 on 1 mentoring and lectures, drawing knowledge from his formal qualifications and experiences in private practice physiotherapy. Training of our staff has not only achieved excellent clinical outcomes for our patients, but has contributed to the enjoyment of seeing patients and fulfillment as a health practitioner. Thank you Kieran for your involvement in the success of our health group."

Shane Johnstone | Director

Valetudo Health

“Our health professionals are hungry for the latest research and treatment protocols. We have found by ticking this box our staff retention and job satisfaction remains high. Engaging with Global Specialist Physiotherapy has been a sound investment for our multidisciplinary team. It has been great to watch our team adopt the passion to share the evidence based treatment presented by Kieran and his colleagues. Their treatment plans don't just settle for the norms, rather challenging the long term impacts of treatment plan decisions and always striving to achieve the best possible outcome for the client with the least invasive approach. Furthermore it has been great to see our clients benefit from our modified approach. We look forward to continuing to learn from the Global Specialist Physiotherapy team.”

Scott Garvey | Managing Partner Perth CBD
Life Ready Physiotherapy

"Global Specialist Physiotherapy have been fantastic at providing clinical mentoring and guidance, specifically with complex patient presentations. The opportunity to learn and see communication, education, assessment and treatment techniques applied to an actual patient in one session is invaluable. The passion that they display paired with their heavily evidence based approach, had led to improvements in patient outcomes, retention and the enjoyment of being a clinician."

Steven Holmes | Clinic Director and Physiotherapist
Crest Health Physiotherapy

"As an experienced practitioner of 12 years and private practice owner of Crest Health Physiotherapy, the importance of CPD and what Global Specialist Physiotherapy can offer our business is exceptional. The time spent is informative, patient focused and supported with evidence based practice, something I strongly believe in. This helps improve patient outcomes and supports why we do what we do.”

Mardi Hatch | Postgraduate Sports Physiotherapy Student

Life Ready Physiotherapy


" I was lucky enough to have Global Specialist Physiotherapy mentor me for three years. They have helped me incredibly with improving my clinical skills and techniques, my confidence in subjective questioning and treatment planning and my ability to come up with a diagnosis, differential diagnosis, classification, stage and prognosis.

Global gave me confidence, a desire to learn and always be the best physiotherapist that I can be. I am due to start my Sports Masters this year at Curtin University and I feel that Global was a huge part of helping me get there. My mentor at Global is incredibly knowledgeable and his clinical skills and confidence with complex cases is amazing. They are very approachable and easy to talk to and offer very relaxed environment to learn in.

I would highly recommend Global Specialist Physiotherapy to anyone who wishes to improve their clinical skill set, confidence and ability to form and execute an effective treatment plan. They are incredibly passionate about Physiotherapy and help all of their students achieve this same passion, desire to learn and to constantly improve. "

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