Mentoring and Professional Development Programs

Looking to increase your staff's clinical knowledge and skills? At Global Specialist Physiotherapy, we offer a number of different services to physiotherapy clinics to assist in translation of the most up-to-date scientific information and techniques to help improve patient outcomes, with weekly, fortnightly or monthly options available, Services include:

  • New/Recent Graduate 2-year Professional Development Program - Covering all areas of the body and common/uncommon presentations to private practice, this contemporary best evidence-based program aims to up skill new and recent graduates to increase in confidence, clinical reasoning, hands-on skills and exercise prescription. Areas covered include:

    • Treatment planning principles

    • Lumbar spine radiculopathy assessment and management

    • Lumbar spine motor control 

    • Acute low back pain management

    • Thoracic spine motor control

    • Headache management

    • Cervical spine/Thoracic spine/Lumbar spine manipulation

    • Cervical spine radiculopathy assessment and management

    • Cervical spine manual therapy techniques

    • Sacroiliac assessment and management

    • Shoulder assessment and management

    • Elbow assessment and management

    • Wrist/hand assessment and management

    • Hip joint lecture, assessment and management

    • Knee pathology assessment and management

    • Leg, ankle and foot assessment and management

    • Tendinopathies

    • GP lecture/education training

    • Masqueraders and Red Flags

    • Management of Dizziness

    • Clinical reasoning/advanced case discussions

    • Specialist Physiotherapist Assessments in front of a group 

  • Mentoring - Tailored towards each physiotherapist as an individual, we will come to your clinic on a regular basis to check-up on how your clinical experience is and challenge you on identified growth areas

  • Second Opinion Consultations - Available for patients with long-standing/complex problems, we will attend your clinic and provide yourself and the patient a clear diagnosis and treatment plan outlining the best course of management

  • Professional Development - We will attend your clinic or practice group to deliver ongoing or once-off lectures and tutorials

We can meet with you for a free 60-minute consultation to assess and discuss your current level of clinical care and Professional Development, and progress staff skill levels in treating these areas.