Welcome to Global Specialist Physiotherapy

We are a specialised consultancy service to the physiotherapy industry providing mentoring, training, professional development and second opinion.

Working to manage more complex problems non-operatively, we are passionate about ensuring physiotherapists, other medical professionals and patients have explored all the evidence for conservative physiotherapy intervention.

Our expertise is in targeted management strategies, producing comprehensive outcomes.

Kieran, Simon, Evan and Jay are industry leaders, highly regarded for their qualifications and experience in the successful clinical care of musculoskeletal pain. 


Global Specialist Physiotherapy can meet with you to assess and discuss your current level of clinical care and professional development. We will provide:

  • A radically new, best evidence-based approach to your patient assessments and your professional development program

  • Opportunity for more referrals from patients, general practitioners and other sources

  • Support to complex patient presentations through methodical conservative treatment plans to avoid unnecessary imaging, medication, injection therapies and surgery

  • Ongoing support so you can dedicate more time to working on your business, instead of following up your staff's clinical care

**Free one-on-one 60 minute consultation.

"As I came to see the very real, positive impact that my techniques were having on people’s lives, I became compelled to do more..."


Global Specialist Physiotherapy has been able to make an invaluable contribution to our team. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and passion for our patients, coupled with a commitment to understanding our businesses goals, has made their contributions beyond simply clinical excellence. They have been able to add value in the areas of customer service, as well as contributing to the increase in our business KPI’s. I can highly recommend their services.
— Benjamin Trinh, Managing Director - Life Ready Physio