There's no question that quality communication with patients is one of the key factors for successful clinical and management outcomes in private practice. Imparting information through a Treatment Plan is a brilliant way to summarise your assessment findings and your plan for management, incorporating elements such as:


  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment dosage

  • Prognosis

  • Use of outcome measures

  • Self-management promotion


Having worked with many physiotherapy clinics, this method encourages clear communication, greater adherence to exercise prescription, lesser risk of cancellation of appointments and superior long-term outcomes, ensuring patients’ expectations are exceeded.


At Global Specialist Physiotherapy, we offer half and full day Treatment planning workshops. Come along and learn from a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist some evidence-based strategies on how to construct and deliver a Treatment Plan to every patient attending your clinic! Workshop sessions cover:


  • The evidence-base for Treatment Planning

  • Practical strategies to use in your clinic with your next patient!

  • Creation of individualised clinic plans

  • Utilising Motivation Interviewing to improve Treatment Plan observance

  • Small group case discussions with Treatment Plan formation

  • Observation of a live patient assessment with subsequent Treatment Plan delivery


Here’s an example Treatment Plan you can download today!

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